This is one of my favorite mantras. It is one that I firmly believe can transform lives. I know that it has transformed my own. I consciously affirm my blessings every morning when I wake up. For me, that has paved the way for even greater blessings to flow. I know that when I focus on my blessings, more will come my way. When I forget to do this and focus on what is lacking in my life, I feel uninspired, passion-less, and victimized. This is a terrible way to live. It is not only emotionally draining, it weakens the light of our spirit and prevents us from flowing with the ever-present and ever-available stream of abundance that we are meant to tap into and experience.

Harnessing the immense power of gratitude opens the door for more goodness to flow into our lives. Gratitude brings us more of what we appreciate. Gratitude is an inner light that we can use to illuminate our souls on a daily basis. The more we are thankful for, the more light we experience and the more our souls shine out to the world. A grateful heart serves as powerful magnet that attracts more blessings into our lives.

When we are consciously aware of our blessings, and we feel grateful for them, we are focusing more clearly on what we want in our lives, and we attract more of those things into our experience. When we discover things that we appreciate and use them as our point of focus, our world has to get better in every way. Every time we choose to flood our mind with a powerful sense of appreciation or gratitude, we attract even more of what we desire.

Look around you right now. What do you notice that you can be grateful for? Tune into the authentic feeling of true, genuine gratitude. Find something to be grateful for right now. When you are grateful, you put yourself in a high energy vibration mode that will attract more things to be grateful for. More good things will come to you magically because they will be drawn in (magnetized) by your energetic frequency which is fed by feelings of gratitude.

The emotion of gratitude attracts more and more conditions to feel grateful for. So, embrace today as an opportunity to be a conscious creator. Engage the power of a grateful heart and then notice even more blessings flowing your way.

A Fabulous Watch Wholesaler Online

A watch is necessary for a person to know what time it is. Therefore, people might be familiar with a lot of different watch brands. Now I would like to tell you something about replica watches.

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Ferrari series replica watches are included in the Panerai brand. Just like the name Ferrari, Replica Ferrari Watches are first-class timepieces with top quality, careful material selection and exquisite handwork. Smart dial design, genuine leather strap and marvelous watch exterior, all prove their precious quality.

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IWC brand has earned its reputation as one of the world’s finest manufacturers of Swiss watches. It only manufactures automatic timepieces, which come with features such as a chronograph and GMT dual time zone. Replica IWC Tourbillon Watches, crafted from stainless steel, titanium and firm genuine leather, also made its mark outstanding among the crowd of brands.

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The World’s Oldest Watch Manufacturer Stays on Top by Constantly Innovating

One of life’s great pleasures is travel. The opportunity to view distant lands, experience new food and drink, sample exotic cultures and meet local citizens is always rewarding. One of my most prized experiences when I visit any new land is to sample local produce, manufactured goods and learn about local industry and commerce.

When I visit Geneva, Switzerland I relish the opportunity to shop, research and be amazed by the fabulously artesian craft of exclusive watch making found in the city’s endless jewelry ateliers. The city of Geneva is the center of Swiss timepiece manufacturing and the array of brands, models and stupendously elegant, technologically advanced watches on display is the ultimate experience in viewing old world craftsmanship in contemporary times. One of my reactions on seeing the feast of horlogerie on display in Geneva is always this: who buys all of these watch styles, from scores of limited production houses, at such stunning prices?

Obviously, the international demand for exclusive, custom designed watches is huge and growing. Rolex, Piaget, Chopard, Audemars Piquet and dozens of other centuries old exclusive watch manufacturers are headquartered in Geneva. The oldest, and in many ways the most exclusive, is Vacheron Constantin. This venerable house offers an excellent example of how an ancient brand stays ahead of the competition, keeps reinventing itself and prospering through constant innovation.

Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755 by Jean-Jacques Vacheron. Mr. Vacheron was an excellent jeweler and watchmaker, as well as a progressive businessman. In 1770 his new Company created the first “complication’ and several years later Mr. Vacheron invented and installed in his timepieces the novel “engine turned dials”. These early advances in technology helped establish the reputation for quality and performance that the business enjoys to this day.

After narrowly surviving the horrors of the French Revolution, Vacheron Constantin became one of the first watchmakers to export. First to France and Italy, and then, most importantly North America, the Company enjoyed early 19th century success among the newly rich industrialists and aristocrats who sought craftsmanship, exclusivity and elegance in timepieces. The Company’s branding motto, “Do better if possible, and it is always possible” was first used in 1819 and is still in use today.

Vacheron Constantin was the first manufacturer to perfect production of standardized movements into “Calibers”. The Art Society of Geneva awarded the Company the Gold Medal in 1844 for inventing the breakthrough “pantographic device”, an innovation that further separated Vacheron Constantin from competitor’s production technology. In 1885 the Company introduced pieces made with novel non-magnetic technology, including movement components made from palladium and gold.

In 1906 the first Company owned store was opened on the Quai de I’lle and the boutique is still operating in the same location to this day. During World War I, the Great Depression and World War II the Company struggled, but managed to remain solvent by catering to the fashion conscious with stunning new design and styling cues. After the conclusion of fighting in Europe in 1945, the Company immediately began marketing new strategies and products to regain hegemony.

The “Patrimony” model was then introduced. This is one of the most famous, exclusive and collectible watches in the world. The “Patrimony” was the world’s thinnest watch, featuring a thickness of only 5.25 mm.

The “Kallista” model was introduced in the 1970’s. The “Kallista” is considered the most expensive and exclusive watch in the world. Initially sold for $5 million, it is now valued at $11 million. “Kallista” is enriched with 118 emerald cut diamonds, requires 6000 hours of master watch maker labor and 20 months of detailed embellishment by the finest jewelers in Switzerland.

Today, after more than 2 ½ centuries of producing the most desirable watches and timepieces in the world, Vacheron Constantin continues to enjoy great success and demand for product far exceeds supply. The Company, now a subsidiary of luxury goods powerhouse Richemont Group, makes only 20,000 pieces per year. The exclusive pieces are sold in 16 Company owned stores and less that 500 carefully chosen luxury retailers in 80 countries. Vacheron Constantin watches have been worn by Napoleon Bonaparte, Pope Pius VI, Nicholas Sarkoszy, Harry Truman, Clark Gable and the Duke of Windsor just to name a few of the famous people known to sport this classic brand.

Any research conducted on the history of watch makers will uncover a plethora of brands that did not survive competition, changing tastes or technological advances. Vacheron Constantin has not only survived, but flourished and become one of the handful of consumer products (think Ferrari, Dom Perignon, Brioni,
Faberge, Chanel) that exist as category icons. When fashionable people seek the finest quality and craftsmanship in timepieces they immediately think Vacheron Constantin.

Things to consider before buying a Rolex replica watch

Replica watches are becoming very popular among youngsters, especially because of their low cost and their great looks. There are many advantages to replica watches. They are affordable, stylish, and the better ones usually pass for the real thing. Among the various replica watches, the Rolex replica watch is the all-time favorite for most people, but a few things have to be considered while purchasing Rolex replica watches, either from online stores or directly from a vendor.

No watch can compare to a real Rolex. If you are buying a Rolex replica, you can’t expect it to be perfect. If it were perfect, it would be an actual Rolex, with a real Rolex price tag. When it comes to fake Rolex watches there are three common types.

Crude Cheapos

These type of fake watches cost about $6 to $50 and they are available in various online shops. These watches use Chinese movement and the parts used in the watch, including cases, dials, etc. are made out of low- quality materials. They often have mismatched date and day windows that look odd, and the hands of the watch move irregularly. Although they have flaws, these watches use quartz movements and they usually run as well as any other normal watch. If you just want a functional watch of lower quality (something you would not be heart-broken about losing) that may break at any minute, they may be sufficient. But who wants that? They will tell you the time, and possibly look impressive at a casual glance, but anyone who examines the watch can tell that these are badly machined and not made to last. You can find these cheap Rolex watches sold on the street by vendors, usually marked as Rolexx or Roless. It is always best to stay away from these cheap watches.

Knock off

These watches cost around $50 and the quality is usually proportional to the price. The average person could not distinguish one of these watches from a real Rolex, but a trained or observant eye will notice that the movement is irregular. Most of these watches arrive from Japan and their movement is a bit clunky. Aside from the fact that the Japanese watch movements make the watch tick in a slightly clunky way, rather than sweeping smoothly like a real Rolex, these watches can easily pass for the real thing.

Replica watches

Among the various Rolex watch replicas, the Swiss design is the best. Contrary to popular belief, these watches are not necessarily from Switzerland. They are called Swiss because they are created with Swiss engineering designs for “Swiss” movements. They are the most expensive of the Rolex replicas and can cost up to $300. Most of these watches use the same movements used in Omega or other high-profile watches. The bracelets and cases are sometimes made out of real gold, and depending upon the amount of gold used, the cost of the watch ranges from $200 to $ 1000. Due to their very high quality, these Swiss Rolex replicas are in very high demand.

Wedding Gown Shopping: Watch Out for Cheap Imitations

Ever since you were a little girl you’ve dreamed of the gown you’d wear on your wedding day. Well the time has come for you to finally start the search for that perfect fairytale dream dress. But sometimes, the experience of looking for your dream gown isn’t always a dream. I’ve heard countless horror stories of brides being ripped off by cheap imitation gowns online. This alarming new trend is occurring more often, especially now during the economic hardship. So to avoid all this pain and suffering follow our basic suggestions to keep in mind when buying your wedding dress.

Many brides find the dream gown, but can’t always afford the not-so-dream price tag. So they turn to the world wide web to see if they can get the deal of a lifetime on eBay, or some other online store. Trust us when we say if it looks too good to be true…. IT IS! Rule number one: do not deal with unauthorized gown dealers. To make sure a merchant is an authorized dealer check the designers website. They generally have a “find a location” button; it is there you will find all the reputable stores that sell their gowns.

Some (not all) online eBay stores may not be authorized sellers of the designer gowns. They steal the images of very popular designer gowns and sell them for unbelievably cheap prices like $300 (yea that cheap). If you do order a gown from a site like this you will get a gown that looks sort of similar, but the quality will be terrible. The gown will come in cheaper fabric, different bead detailing, sometimes different zipper detailing (picture will show buttons, but will come with a zipper) and just overall will be a terrible cheap imitation. Many times brides make the mistake of ordering gowns like these and they arrive too late for you to notice the mistake and order another dress from a reputable salon. So please beware when purchasing a gown from online stores.

Although there are many sites trying to scam you, there are several reputable sites you can turn to, to order your dream gown online. Online retailers such as Ann Taylor and J. Crew make their gowns true to size and description and make it easy to order, return or exchange if there is a problem.

If you really dream of owning a designer gown that seems to be out of your reach financially, you may want to pay attention to our last tip. At the end of each season many salons have what they call “blow out sales” or “designer discount sales”. These sales provide huge savings on previous season designs that the stores have to get ride of in order to get new shipments of gowns in. The best way to go about this is to call around to local salons to see when the sales begin and make an appointment to go. Keep in mind gowns sold at these sales are sold as is, but if it fits and looks great you’ll be getting a designer gown at an excellent price.

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Online Credit Card Shopping – Watch Out For Online Fraudsters!

The internet is perhaps one of the most phenomenal barrier breakers when it comes to communication and knowledge. With the internet access to information became global and today information on almost any issue is available online. Also with this came concepts of virtual shops and e-shops that exist only within the net. These websites allow you to use their online credit card payment and acceptance ability. Once they verify and approve your credit card payment, they deliver your order to your doorstep. This is truly convenience at its very best as you do not have to do much than sit at your computer to get what you want.

The number e-shops today are increasing by the dozen and usage of online credit cards is becoming more and more popular. Shopping has received an entirely new dimension with the advent of online credit card payments. Now it is not only possible to shop from home but also get discounts on a variety of products. This is truly amazing. There is no requirement to worry about bad weather and no traffic jams and other hassles. Just go online, visit an e-shop and select your product and use your online credit card payment-acceptance option. Your order will reach you in no time. Another advantage of this card processing facility is that starting an online business has become incredibly easy.

However, there are always ups and downs to everything. One disadvantage of using an online credit card is fraud of online credit card. There are two ways in which this fraud can take place. The first is regarding the company who owns the website on which you made your credit card payment. This company could be a fake company, that is, it might take your payment and not deliver your product.

They can also use the details that you fill for payment with fraudulent intentions. Fraudsters who steal online credit card details by using different devices/software cause the second fraud. These details can captured when you supply the site with these for your online payment. This software are called spyware and the fraudsters use them for online spying. The spyware either takes screenshots of what you do on your computer or capture keystrokes and then passes this information to a spy. There are, thankfully, many anti-spyware software which are available to counter such actions.

Overall, the ability to use online credit cards is a terrific advantage to us. But in doing this, strict caution must be exercised and care should be taken while disclosing details. Do not use internet cafes to make card payments and access bank accounts unless you are positively sure about the reliability of the café.

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Garage Insurance – Used Car Dealers and Repair Shops Watch Those Symbols

Garage insurance is a much misunderstood policy form. Many professional insurance agents are confused about exactly when to use it and more importantly exactly how. You can use a garage liability policy to protect a used car dealer, often referred to as dealer’s insurance, or you can use this same form to protect an automotive repair shop or to set up body shop insurance. The trick is to know the symbols. If you own a car dealership or an automotive repair shop and are purchasing insurance for your business, it is advisable that you find an agent who specializes in the garage insurance form to help you with this purchase so you don’t end up with the wrong form and perhaps find yourself without coverage after a large loss.

As I mentioned earlier, both types of businesses, auto repair and or body shops and used car dealers both need the garage policy. But exactly what kind of operations are covered in these policies is driven by the symbols shown on the policy. This is very important. If your business is automotive repair or body work but your policy is set up with symbols that would apply to a car dealership, you could find yourself without coverage in the event of a liability loss.

So how do you know if you have the correct symbols and thus the correct form? Pull out your garage policy and look at the first page. Beside each type of coverage, usually to the left, there will be a least one two digit number between 21 and 31. These symbols will describe what is protected by the coverage shown beside that symbol. Here is a list of the most common symbols and what each one protects:

Symbol 21 Any auto
Symbol 22 All owned autos
Symbol 23 Owned private passenger autos only
Symbol 24 Owned autos other than private passenger
Symbol 25 Owned autos subject to no fault laws
Symbol 26 Owned autos subject to Uninsured Motorists law
Symbol 27 Specifically described autos
Symbol 28 Hired autos only
Symbol 29 Non-Owned autos used in the Garage Business
Symbol 30 Autos Left for Service/Repair/Storage
Symbol 31 Autos on Consignment

As you have probably figured out, if you are an automobile dealer and you have symbol 30 on your policy, you would find yourself without coverage. So why not just put symbol 21 on all coverages? Well, since code 21 is the broadest coverage, you would have to pay more for this insurance policy and in some cases you might be purchasing insurance protection that you didn’t really need.

Take some time to look at your policy carefully and review the symbols for each line of coverage to make sure that they are appropriate for the work you do. If you need help with this process, consult your agent. If you agent doesn’t specialize in businesses needing garage policy, ie dealers insurance and auto repair shop insurance, then find one who does. This protection is just too important to leave up to an agent who is practicing on the job learning on your policies.

Wake Clinard is the President of Clinard Insurance Group, a full service insurance agency located in Winston Salem, NC. Wake is dedicated to helping businesses involved in the automobile industry from used car dealers to repair and body shops to auto parts stores. Clinard Insurance is the go to market for used car dealers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

You can read Wake’s blogs and access help with your Garage Insurance by visiting his Used Car Dealer site at http: or by visiting him on the web at You can also get help with your Garage Insurance policy by calling, toll free, to 877-687-7557.

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Shop Watch – The Benefits of Good Radio Communications

The introduction of a radio communications system to aid local shopkeepers in the fight against crime has proven to be an invaluable asset in many towns and cities throughout the UK. When shopkeepers have an instant and effective means of alerting each other and the Police to convicted and potential shoplifters, suddenly crime ceases to be rewarding for those involved. Even cheque and credit card fraud become less inviting in a town where local shops can inform each other of a suspect transaction.

Leek Shopwatch was taken over by The Communications Company in December 2002. A new Motorola Eurobase was installed with a UHF 4 stack antenna. All the users were issued with Motorola professional range of Motorola GP340s.

24 shops in Leek benefit from the system, co-ordinated by WPC Sarah Wilkinson and Chris Brown on their own Shopwatch radios. Leek Shopwatch is also monitored by Leek Police Station using a Motorola GM349 local base ensuring immediate response to any urgent calls and the latest Photofit files of known convicted local offenders are distributed to all shops on the scheme.

Leek Town Centre Co-ordinator Mike Cozens has said, “At the moment there are 24 retailers engaged in the scheme and I have been encouraging the town to develop it further. It’s an important scheme to have in terms of crime and deterrent and it does work and has had many successes in aiding the arrest of shoplifters”. See blog, “Shopwatch score a major success”.

In any industry Radio Communications are vital to the efficiency of an operation. It doesn’t matter if you are running a local town event, or helping to organise and run an Olympic ceremony. When you only have seconds to communicate a decision a good communication infrastructure is vital.

Ian has been working on a web site for The Communications company, a Motorola recognised reseller, who provide Radio Hire, sales and repair services. With offices based in London and Staffordshire they can easily provide you with radio equipment on short or long term hire at very competitive rates.

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